Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Last Year!

So you think I would be better at this blogging thing right....well I'm not! I prefer to leave everyone out of my everyday occurences until a year later and then fill you in all at once. But maybe in this next year I will be a little better. I will make this as short and painless as I can!

Day 1
March 23, 2010
Brogan David Nulph was born at 2:10 am
6 pounds 1 ounce
19 3/4 inches long

Which also happens to be Jason's birthday so..........Happy Birthday Daddy!

A few months later I go to the doctor for what I thought to be a chest cold. Turns out I had blood clots in my lungs..... suprise nothing can ever be easy.. The doctors told me how lucky I was to catch them when I did because a lot of people miss the warning signs. So after 6 long months of blood thinners and many trips to doctors I was as good as new.... Kind of. I have major chest pains from the scar tissue but its better then nothing. I will save you the agony of looking at pictures from that period because it wasn't too exciting!

Brogan was blessed on June 6th by his dad

Oct. 23, 2010 Ethan turned 5!!! Wow my little boy is really growing up!
He is a great big brother......always trying new and fun things with Brogan while he grows up....They laugh and play like best friends!

Thanksgiving and Christmas came and went.... We did some sledding and animal watching! Hahaha or should I say Jason dragged all of us in the car while he stalked poor innocent animals that he just might be able to kill next hunting season!

Things have now come full circle and it was Brogan's 1 year birthday.... the last year has just flown by...But it has been a well worth it year!

At Brog's 1 year check-up he was 20 pounds and 20 1/2 inches long. He growing up way too fast. He has been running all over the place for the last 2 months and talking up a storm. His favorite activity is bothering Ethan!

Well after an hours attempt of trying to upload Brog's birthday pictures I will post those later.

Thats all for now but I will write again soon!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Catching up!

Well lets see..... This blog could possibly be one of the longest blogs known to man but I guess its finally time to do it. A lot has happened since I last blogged so lets get this started.... First of all as you must already know I got married. Aug 1st to be exact. Then we found out that we were having a baby.....due May 3, 2010! You would think that would be enough excitement for one little family to deal with but just wait. December proved to be a month of craziness for us. Dec. 2 I learned never complain about pain if you don't want to have someone do something about it. I called my doctor and said that I had been having a pain in my right lower side and they told me to come in immediately. So I did as I was told at that moment. I went into the doctor and they said it sounded like appendicitis. WHAT!! So the told me I needed to go to the Emergency Room right away. I told them I couldn't because I had left the new manager at Pac Sun and she couldn't close by herself. So I left promising that I would go directly to the hospital after I closed the store. Well that didn't work. Mom came to get me as soon as she could and took me to the hospital. Jason met us there. They ended up taking it out the next day.... It was horrible. So I was out of work for two weeks before Christmas.. Then the first day I went back a pain on my right side started in again. So I went to the doctor again and we determined that I had a kidney stone....Blah!!!! It was seeming that I would never be healthy again. So after another couple of days off of work I went back with full force. By Tuesday the 12 of January I had been working a ton and making up for lost time. That is when the lastest drama started. Somewhere between 4 and 5 am that morning I developed menstrual like cramps.... I suffered through them until I got up in the morning thinking they would go away when I got up and started getting ready for the day. Boy was I wrong. I went to work and by noon I was breathing through them and was absolutely miserable.... So I called the doctor..(again I should have learned nothing could ever be normal with me...) They told me to head to Labor and Delivery.... I went by myself...And you would think that labor and delivery would have more than 3 spaces left for people being in labor but those greedy husbands whose wifes were there with their babies had taken them all up...My parking space ended up being by the road clear at the end of the vistors parking. Whats a few more steps when you are suffering. So I walked all the way down to labor and delivery. It was only then that I reached nurses desk and told them what was going on that I was asked if I needed a wheelchair to make it the rest of the way. REALLY? I just walked a mile to get here and now when the room is across the hallway you want to give me one now.... I denied the offer politely. So to make the rest of the story short.........I was having contractions every couple of minutes and had a bladder infection. They gave me 2 shots of terbutelen( I don't know if thats how you spell it.) but that only lessened them a little bit and I was given a prescription of the pills to take home and take as needed for contractions... Now the doctor has said that I need to rest a lot. So pretty much I have to keep myself down and doing very little so I don't get put on complete bed rest. It feels as though even when I get up and do very little I still get them........Its miserable... But now to state the obvious. I'm done with work and get stay home with Ethan every day.... I think he enjoys having me around even though he acts like he doesn't. He will get used to it right... Well I better sign off for now and will write another novel maybe tomorrow seeming as I have a lot of extra time on my hands!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Finally Back!

Well it has been a long year.........but its finally over... I graduate!!! June 6th and I am offically done!!!! Can you believe it? Now all I have left is the CST exam and I can start working. I just wanted to tell everyone thanks for believing in me and putting up with my silly antics... Dianna you are amazing and thank you for letting Ethan and I invade your house for the last 3 1/2 months.. You really are an angel... But now I'm back in Idaho enjoying some R&R with my Ethman. It feels really good... We had an enjoyable Memorial Day with mom... We took Ethan to the park and had a picnic. Then we ventured out to the cemetary and then to my favorite place in the world, "THE FARM" Its so peaceful out there. I wish I could stay there forever. We took some pictures as you can tell by the new ones!! Thanks mom.. I'm sure I will have more adventures to blog about now that I have some time so there is more to come.......Keep watching!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


This last weekend I got the opportunity to take Ethman to the Supercross championship in Salt Lake! He had so much fun! He was so excited to see the the cycles jump and crash. It was all that he could talk about!! When we left he was fairly disappointed but we had been there for a long time so he was mostly exhausted. Sunday morning when we got up he was ready for more. All day he kept asking when we were going to be able to go back and see the cycles again!
Maybe next year Ethman!

Sunday, April 5, 2009


For all of you who thought that I had fallen off the face of the earth, you were so totally wrong!!! I'm here, kicking and screaming, but here none the less. I have been slaving away at my externship working tons of hours and am slowly but surely getting close to the end!!! I have about a month and a half left and have never been more excited. I thought at very first I was going to absolutely hate it. My supervisor was rude and I had never experienced anything like it to say the least. A very stressful situation. But all is well! Little did I know that my supervisor believes in tough love to mold his students. Now I find him to be quite an enjoyable man. Ha ha :) If I had any pictures to show you I would but I don't. Maybe I will take a picture of Ethman and I. Anyways..........thats all I really have to say right now. I will be better at posting now though... Talk to you all soon!!

Monday, January 26, 2009


So it has been ages since my last blog but here it is! I'm going crazy! Next time any of you see me I just might now have any hair left! Yes that's right, its crunch time! I have 2 weeks of school left.........ONLY 2 WEEKS! Do you know what that means? I will be in the operating room in 2 weeks.....SCARY I KNOW! But in those 2 weeks are the things that are going to make me go crazy....#1 I have to pass my final mock surgery this week! And to top it off our teacher won't tell us anything about it...Not the day we are taking it, not the surgery we are doing, not even the person who will be our nurse (why in the world would that make us do better on the test) Oh well I guess you can't change so just go with it! #2 I'm moving!!!! Yes that's right I am! So I have to pack everything and clean! BLAH!! Oh well! It will all get finished by the end of this week! I think that's it for right now.........but I will keep everyone posted on how things turn out! Ba-bye for now!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Temple Square

So thanks to Michelle and Robert I went to see the lights on Temple Square. It was a lot of fun.. Thanks Michelle for our little detour!! Anyways before we ventured up we went to the Mayan! Pretty cool if I do say so myself!

Then it was off to temple square. You think I would be used to crazy Utah drivers by now but no. They get crazier and crazier especially down town Salt Lake. After a few road rage moments I met back up with Michelle and Rob to make our journey a few blocks to the temple. It was beautiful. I really had a great time! I hope to take Ethan up there this next week so that he can see the lights!