Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Last Year!

So you think I would be better at this blogging thing right....well I'm not! I prefer to leave everyone out of my everyday occurences until a year later and then fill you in all at once. But maybe in this next year I will be a little better. I will make this as short and painless as I can!

Day 1
March 23, 2010
Brogan David Nulph was born at 2:10 am
6 pounds 1 ounce
19 3/4 inches long

Which also happens to be Jason's birthday so..........Happy Birthday Daddy!

A few months later I go to the doctor for what I thought to be a chest cold. Turns out I had blood clots in my lungs..... suprise nothing can ever be easy.. The doctors told me how lucky I was to catch them when I did because a lot of people miss the warning signs. So after 6 long months of blood thinners and many trips to doctors I was as good as new.... Kind of. I have major chest pains from the scar tissue but its better then nothing. I will save you the agony of looking at pictures from that period because it wasn't too exciting!

Brogan was blessed on June 6th by his dad

Oct. 23, 2010 Ethan turned 5!!! Wow my little boy is really growing up!
He is a great big brother......always trying new and fun things with Brogan while he grows up....They laugh and play like best friends!

Thanksgiving and Christmas came and went.... We did some sledding and animal watching! Hahaha or should I say Jason dragged all of us in the car while he stalked poor innocent animals that he just might be able to kill next hunting season!

Things have now come full circle and it was Brogan's 1 year birthday.... the last year has just flown by...But it has been a well worth it year!

At Brog's 1 year check-up he was 20 pounds and 20 1/2 inches long. He growing up way too fast. He has been running all over the place for the last 2 months and talking up a storm. His favorite activity is bothering Ethan!

Well after an hours attempt of trying to upload Brog's birthday pictures I will post those later.

Thats all for now but I will write again soon!


Jason and Kendra James said...

Wow! You're kids are so cute, and getting so big!

The Andrews Family said...

So glad to finally see pictures of your boys!!!

Ashlee said...

Wow! Who would have thought you had it in you to blog. I'm amazed, but not expecting too much ;)

Logan & Melissa said...

Heather! Ethan looks just like you! I hope you're doing well. I had no idea that you were sick.